Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tour of my Home - Free for ALL!!

This is when I just moved to India after staying in USA for years. My DH was off to his new job and I was alone at our newly-moved-in apartment. It was a pleasant morning. I was lounging on the sofa in my living room, with a cup of my favorite brew of tea watching CSI Miami on my new flat screen TV. I left the front door open to let in the beautiful soothing breeze from the East. What a blissful morning. Ah....

All of a sudden, three middle-aged ladies, reasonably well-dressed, appeared with a smile at my door and just sauntered in. I froze shock-still on my sofa, tea mug in my hand, my feet still up, mouth agape, wondering what the heck did just happen? The smiling ladies saw me, ignored me completely, and kept walking inside, towards my bedrooms, unfazed.

I jumped up and ran after them, yelling "Excuse me,, do I know you?". They did not respond or stop; just kept walking through the dining room towards my Master bedroom. I was panicking by the second, completely bewildered. They 'seemed' harmless, but I did not take this complete invasion of my privacy lightly. So this time I yelled louder "Hey, where do you think you are going??" and stood my ground right in front of them. The three ladies stopped. They seemed to be noticing me for the first time. Then they just turned back, and went back the way they came in, and out of the front door, their smiles still in place.

I did not see the three ladies again. I don't know till date what they wanted, why they did not speak.....the entire episode weirded me out to be honest. And yes, you guessed it right, that was the end of my keeping the front door open to let in the beautiful soothing breeze from the East.


  1. How weird! Not knowing what they wanted would drive me crazy... although I think they just walked into the wrong apartment, maybe?

  2. Well, they did enter the wrong apartment since I did not know them at all! But what stuck me as really odd is how they never knocked or said Hi or anything! Also I was sitting right at the doorstep; they looked at me, but completely ignored me and just sauntered in? Made me wonder if I was invisible. haha.

  3. How totally bizarre!!! One of life's great mysteries!!

  4. Very odd story!! Maybe they thought it was the model apartment? And it came complete with the model lounging on the couch drinking a cup of tea!!

  5. Haha, totally bizarre Sara, I agree! Shari, what a genius marketing strategy - a plump model in PJs lounging in the living room! ;-)