Friday, July 22, 2011

The Stunt I pulled today.

The Telengana issue has disrupted the life of the common man in Hyderabad. Just this month of July, I already saw two calls for general strikes (called ‘bandh’). Protestors shut down schools, colleges and disrupt public transport. They force commuters from going to their workplaces, and close down (or break) toll booths. Shops and institutions close down their doors, fearing riots. All this takes a toll on my business as well.

Take for example, my client Greta. A bride to be; needs her Bridal earrings for her wedding in 2 weeks time. Another client of mine: Caroline. Going away on vacation, so needs her parcel to reach her on time. How am I supposed to ship put their parcels, if there is constant agitation on the roads? In addition the Post Office keeps its shutters closed as well.

So today, when the lady behind the counter at the Post Office told me that they are closing up due to yet another ‘strike’, I lost it! Seriously! I pointed out that I took quite a risk in getting to the Post Office. Then I asked her very very politely if nothing could be done? For the sake of someone’s bridal jewelry? She said that the lady who sits on the computer (International Express Shipping) did not turn up (probably agitation on the road). I said that if she has the system up and running for me, I will weight out the parcels and print out the receipts myself.

So I went behind the counter, got the International SpeedPost System running and made sure that all of my 13 parcels went out today!!

Ah, the length at which we have to go to have things running in this country.

I think I will take my Darjeeling tea break now; after the stunt I pulled, I think I deserve it.