Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poor Business Practices by is an app that claims to promotes your shop for you on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, StumbleUpon and Tumblr. If you think it is great, think again.

The app is buggy right from the get-go. The user cannot log in to your app once payment has been processed.

My many e-mails to the owner were ignored. I tried for help on the Etsy Team page and sure enough he responding there by deleting my posts and also removed me from the team

Finally I filed for a claim via PayPal. At once I receive an e-mail from the owner stating that "I'm banning you from the app and cancelling your subscriptions. " without any further explanation or help.

It seems that other people are also having problems logging in
Same solution of deleting posts by people having issues.

What kind of an app is this? It doesn't work and the owner just takes your money and sits on it, while you are left wondering without being able to log in.

Please be very careful of purchasing such shady applications online.

31% Off Sale Freshwater Pearl, Pale Pink Peach, Roundish Oval, 7mm, Set of 27 beads - $22.08

Product: Freshwater Pearl
Color: Pale Pink Peach, strong ivory notes.
Shape: Roundish Oval, center drilled.
Size (Appx): 7mm
Quality: Simply gorgeous ivory color, Excellent luster, smooth surface, some minor major ridges or blemishes. I use this to make Bridal/ Wedding jewelry.
These pearls are from a luxury line.

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31% Off Sale Garnet Gemstone Dark Maroon Faceted Round 4mm Full Strand Wholesale - $13.80

Garnet Gemstone.
Gemstone: Garnet
Color: Rich Dark Red, maroon, sparkly.
Cut: Faceted round.
Size (Appx): 4mm.
Quality: Very good quality, translucent to opaque; some flaws as expected with garnet.
Quantity: Full strand, 60+ beads.

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31% Off Sale Emerald Beryl Rondelle Gemstone Rich Green Faceted Rondel 4.5 to 5.5mm, Set of 50 beads - $20.70

Emerald Beryl Rondelle Gemstone.
Gemstone: Beryl
Color: Emerald Green, some black flecks.
Cut: Faceted rondelle.

Size (Appx): 4.5mm to 5.5mm fat rondelle
Quality: translucent to opaque, very good quality, gorgeous color.
The wholesaler did not specify if these are treated or not, but I would assume they are.
Quantity: 50 beads, yes I have more.

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31% Off Sale Rutilated Quartz Briolette Black Tourmalinated Gemstone Faceted Pear Tear Drop 8 to 10mm 1/2 Strand - $15.87

Rutilated Quartz Briolette Gemstone.

Gemstone: Black Rutilated Quartz or Tourmalinated Quartz

Color: Crystal Clear, with needle like black rutiles (Venus hair).

Cut: Faceted Pear/ Almond/ Tear Drop, top drilled.

Size (Appx): 8x5mm to 10x5.5mm

Quality: Excellent clarity, exceptional quality. Each bead is unique.

Quantity: 23 beads. 1/2 Strand , Wholesale rate


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

31% Off Sale Citrine Briolette AAA Golden Yellow Citrine Faceted 3-D Tear Drop Briolette Top drilled 10 to 13mm Set of 19 - $57.96

Citrine Briolette Gemstone.
Gemstone: Citrine
Color: Rich Golden Yellow, slight orange undertones.
Cut: Faceted 3D Tear Drop Briolette, top drilled.
Size (Appx): 10 to 13mm in length, 7mm in width, really large sizes, hard to find
Quality: Flawless. Excellent clarity, exceptional faceting, flawless<
Quantity: 19 beads Wholesale

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31% Off Sale Cobalt Blue Chalcedony Briolette Gemstone Faceted Heart Top Drilled 12mm 1/2 Strand Wholesale - $20.70

Blue Chalcedony Briolette Gemstone.
Gemstone: Chalcedony
Color: Rich dark cobalt Blue
Cut: faceted heart briolettes, top drilled.
Size (Appx): 12x12mm and near about
Quality: Gorgeous color, milky, translucent, no visible inclusions, some subtle color variations
Quantity: 23 beads. 1/2 Strand.

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