Wednesday, December 31, 2008


How appropriate is that my first post to my blog is on the eve of the New Year?

2008 – eventful in a lot of ways.

My business was finally registered with the state in February. I was toying with a couple of names for my business, Fairydust for one, till my husband suggested that I should incorporate my name into that of my business, which is how Som’s Studio was born.

I started selling my jewelry online on a host site called Etsy in March. I opened my second online store selling gemstones and supplies in June.

Then I received a surprise e-mail from my MBA School – Drury University. They wanted to feature me in their upcoming School magazine. The only hurdle was that I was out-of-state. After a lot of e-mails back and forth, I was finally featured in the Summer 2008 issue of the Drury University magazine. This was such an achievement!

Shortly after that, I received yet another e-mail from a lovely lady called Kathy Lightener. Her husband, his brother and two of her sons attended Drury. Apparently, she read my article in the Drury magazine and asked if I was interested in selling my jewelry in her new Facial salon called The Face Gallery!! I was on Cloud 9.

Etsy has this pretty little feature called Treasury on its site where the members curate a treasury. The idea is to feature artists and their hand made products while keeping to a particular theme…say ‘Stormy Skies’. While I have curated many treasuries since March 08, my Supplies store has never been featured. To my sheer delight, Natalia from Chile informed me that I my Swarovski Tanzanite AB crystals have been featured in her treasury appropriately called “Happy New Year”. Yay! Thanks so much Natalia! Muchas Gracias!


May this year bring peace, joy, health and prosperity to all of us.