Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't you have a HUSBAND?

I am on the balcony getting my towel. The neighbor and her kid, about 10 years old, is waiting down for the school bus to arrive.

"Hi Som Auntie!"
- "Hello darling! How are you?"
"Okay. Where is your baby?"
- "My baby? Hmmm....Oh! That is the Auntie from upstairs! She's had a new baby".
"Why don't YOU have a baby? Don't you have a HUSBAND???"
- {Speechless}



  1. I had a similar thing happen to me. My friend who is the same age as me married & had children much earlier than me. One day her 5 year-old daughter asked me "Who's mommy are you?". When I said wasn't married and I didn't have any children yet she replied, "Why not? Don't you have a man to sleep in your bed with you?"-- speechless as well!!!!

  2. How funny Becky!! I guess these kids drew the correlation that there has to be a man involved. But you got to admit that kids these days say the darn-est of things!! haha.