Friday, January 21, 2011

Pikola Net Connect

"Hello? Is this Pikola Net Connect?"
- "Yes, Madam, How may I assist you?"
"Your login/ logout page has disappeared, so I cannot access the internet any more"
- " We don't have a login/ logout page, Madam."
"Eh? I have been using the login/ logout page for the last 6 months to connect to the internet. That is the page where I put in my User name and password..."
- "We don't have any such page Madam".
"Maybe you call it something else? I logged in just this morning and now it is gone."
- " No Madam, Pikola Net Connect has no such page".
"How do people access the internet then? How did I get to the internet for the last 6 months?"
- " I don't know Madam, I am not saying that you are lying".
"What?? I sure hope not! Is there anyone else you can help me?"
- " I don't think so Madam".
"Please connect me to your Manager, maybe he can help me".
- "My Manager is not around Madam".
"Huh? Can he call me back?"
- "I will see what I can do."
"Look it is clear that you are not helping me here. I am paying my good money to access the internet and now I can't. Surely there is a tech assist team or someone who can help me?"
- "We can't help you Madam"
"Wow!! You can't help me, and you are not connecting me with someone who can? When will your manager call me back?"
- In 5 mins Madam.
"In 5 mins huh? Are you sure? I think no one will ever call me to resolve my matter".
- "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"
"You got to be kidding me!"
- "Have a great day, Madam"

Needless, to say I never got a call back from Pikola Net Connect, from the manager or anyone else. Its been 6 months. The login/ logout page mysteriously re-appeared after a couple of hours. They do call me every time my bill is due without fail, sometimes call me every hour with a reminder. Way to go Pikola!!

"Pikola Net Connect" does not exist, my sad internet connection company does, and so does their pathetic customer service.

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