Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Suppliers are being discriminated against on Etsy

January's Jewel Garnet was featured in today's Etsy Finds. So good to see that even Vintage got a section.

Surprise, surprise, not a single spot for Supplies?!

Received 2741 results for Garnet under Supplies. Not a single 'pretty enough' to be featured??

What about Rubies?
More garnets from last year?
0 supplies featured.
Notice a trend??

Suppliers are the top sellers on Etsy and surely Etsy gets a major part of its income from the strong contribution of Suppliers. This is from Craftcount as of 5th Jan 2011.

Etsy sends out the Etsy finds e-mails everyday. Isn't it justified for Supply Sellers to be featured once in a while? Somewhere? Anywhere??

Why are Suppliers never featured?? What about featuring an actual gemstone when Etsy writes about a gemstone?? When I pointed this out to Etsy Admin Christine in July 2010, I got no response. Till date.

There has been so much of discussion on the fora, but nothing is ever done to feature, support or acknowledge Suppliers.

Etsy: PLEASE stop this discrimination. Or stop suppliers from selling altogether on the site.

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