Monday, September 20, 2010

Rooted in Love

A very special customer of mine had a concept called "Rooted in Love". She wanted me to make pendants reflecting this concept, so I picked up my mouse and set to work.

Earlier prototype.

Final design of "Rooted in Love"

Final design of "Mini Rooted in Love"

I gave these designs to my manufacturer, who cast them in sterling silver to make these lovely pendants.

Final design of "Rooted in Love" cast in Sterling Silver

All pictures © 2010


  1. So cute! Did you carve them in wax first?

  2. Oh Janna! I did not make the final pendants, just designed them. They were made at my manufacturer's. But, yes, they do use the lost wax process to cast.

  3. I have updated the post to reflect that. :)