Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Necklace from Kasia Blue arrived

A while back, I won the Kaleidoscope of Colors Giveaway by Kasia Blue. I requested the necklace in Amethyst and I was thrilled to receive it earlier last week!

Kasia described it as "A delicious array of kaleidoscopic color embraces your neck with my signature Kaleidoscope Necklace. Bring a little color back in to your life.

Made from and array of gemstones in purple hues including deep purple amethyst, iolite, rainbow moonstone, ametrine and purple quartz. All on a Gold vermeil toggle that closes in the front and positioned on a beautifully textured gold vermeil chain that measures about 17 inches in length."

If you want to get this same necklace, it is available at her Etsy store.

Its a beautiful and gemmy necklace and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much Kasia!!


  1. Beautiful!!!! Much deserving.. !

  2. I stopped by to thank you for commenting on my post about my daughter Abby, and now I'm hooked on your beautiful blog! I used to make jewelry with gemstones when I was in high school, and dabbled in it here and there ever since. It's been awhile, and I thought I had gotten over my addiction... until I saw your Etsy shop in your sidebar! Oh, dear, this could be the start of a new {old} hobby. ;-)

  3. that's a really beautiful necklace! :) I also came by to say thanks for your lovely comment on my "time to be honest" post. i promise i'll be back :)

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