Thursday, April 28, 2011

Satin Lace Seller

Me: "Hello? Is this ABC Lace Store? Is the owner Mr. XYZ there?"
XYZ: "This is Mr. XYZ."
Me: "Oh, hi there! Did the 3" satin lace I ordered in as yet? You said that it would be in within 2 days....if you remember?"
XYZ: "Oh yes, Madam, I remember. But I have not been coming to my shop for the last 20 days because I have been sick."
Me: (mentally) But I just saw you 4 days earlier and were perfectly hale and hearty!

Its been 4 months now and the lace never came in. I had to import the satin lace, a simple simple item, from USA.

Life in India.
100% true incident.