Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I received these gorgeous pictures from my beautiful bridal customer Elizabeth! Wow! There is a world of difference between making jewelry with pearls and wire and then seeing how someone wears them and brings them to life. I get so excited, and somewhat emotional whenever I get these mails showcasing the jewelry that I made.

Elizabeth wanted a pearl and rhinestone Flower Necklace. She liked my double stranded pearl necklaces but wanted a simpler version. I made this single stranded version of my best seller brooch necklace. I used a smaller Cubic Zirconia component that I generally use for my chandelier earrings. I used all Swarovski pale ivory pearls. The CZ component can be worn at the left or the right (as Elizabeth choose to).

She also wanted a matching bracelet and earrings. More pictures of the jewelry can be found here.

Elizabeth also got these chandelier earrings, but choose to go with the plain Swarovski pearl studs to keep with the simpler jewelry.

Wedding pics: Copyright Elizabeth Brown 2010
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Jewelry pics: Copyright Som's Studio 2010


  1. Beautiful! Great that you got to see the wedding pictures with your jewelry.

  2. What a gorgeous bride, and your jewelry looks marvelous on her! What I love especially is that this necklace is asymmetrical. :)